Frequently Asked Questions

Do your contact lenses work on dark eyes?

Yes most colours will. However, if you have dark eyes, then certain colours, such as brown and hazel will not be as obvious.

What is the difference between Dual-Tone and Triple-Tone Coloured Contact Lenses?

While both of these lenses will give you vivid natural-looking eye colour, the 3-tone lenses have a 3rd lighter tone on the inner part of the lenses, which gives gives your eyes a more vibrant look and make them stand out more. This picture shows the difference:

Do I need a prescription?

You don't need a prescription to wear our lenses. Our lenses have no optical power, these are also known as "plano" lenses. Our lenses should fit most eyes and are sized 14.2mm in diameter & 8.6mm E.B.C, this is a standard size which will fit most eyes. However, you should consult an optometrist before wearing contact lenses to ensure your eyes are healthy.

Why should we buy from TurtleContacts?

Because you'll get great quality lenses and save money at the same time. We value customers like you and believe in fair pricing and service. We also don't overcharge for shipping like alot of online retailers. We want you to be happy so that you will buy from us again, and recommend us to your friends and family!

Is it safe to order online?

You bet! Once you get to our shopping cart everything is processed through our Secure SSL server. This uses the same strength of encryption used by online banking facilities, so your details will be safe. Credit card details are not stored on our servers or by the bank used to process payments.

How long will my order take?

Orders are dispatched as soon we've received payment, some payments such as PayPal eCheck may take a few days to clear, and as for shipping times:

Regular shipping: Usually takes 2-5 business days to Metro areas and up to 7+ days for rural areas. Orders are shipped from our facility in Melbourne.

International shipping: Shipping is by air, and varies greatly depending on your location.

Our system occasionally will flag certain orders as "Suspicious", sometimes this is due to a spelling mistake during checkout, in these cases, you might receive a call from us just to verify that you did place the order.